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I had thought that my weekend was pretty amazing. I had my favorite cousin spend the night with me on Friday, and we reread the PWF, danced around to MCR and FOB, and ate candy. We sang all along with all the lyrics, cusses included. She's not allowed to cuss, and neither am I, but we were alone and just singing.Please note that she is only 11, but mature(or so I thought) I talked to her about my ex-boyfriend Josh, who is still one of my best friends, and how when I'm not only 13 while he's 17, maybe we'd date again. The next day, my best friend ever, Jaimee came over, and we did practically the same thing, only we read Back To The Place, and sang and danced to every song on our ipods. My cousin, Cassidy, was still there, and we just had fun and hung out. Yesterday, I left Cassidy with her mom and went with Jaimee to the barn, and rode her horse, Camisado, and mine, William. I spent the night with her and went to school this moring with her. It was great. Then I get home, and find out my supposed best friend/cousin, had whined about how I cuss all the time, listen to terribe, emo music that sends bad messages, read stuff inappropriate for my age, I'm a total slut who dated a 17 year old boy, and how I'm waiting for it to be legal to have sex with him. When did I say that? She's the one who struts around, pulling up her skirts, and rolling around on the floor just so her underwear shows. I'm a slut, though I've never even kissed a boy. Well, that makes sense. Note the sarcasm.  Well, Cassidy, next time you want my help, support, or really anything, think about how you betrayed my trust, made me lose my ipod, made it forbidden to go to Jaimee's house, and made my parents sell William. I lost my HORSE! My BABY! The horse I've had for six years! How could someone do that to, when they were supposed to love me?
The weekend wasn't as good as I thought it was.

Alone on a Valentines Day

Title: Alone On A Valentines Day
Author: SarahAriel13
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Peterick, Joncer, Ryden, Frerard, and Mikey/Alicia
POV: Third, Pete-centric
Warnings: Character death, suicide, boy love, and depression

Disclaimer: Don't own, pretty sure that was obvious considering I'm not a slave driver, and they're not slaves. Atleast, not that you know of....
ry: The gravestone loomed before him as it had since months before. The name carved in the gleaming ivory cut into him more than any razor ever could. Patrick had always said he was self-destructive. And what else was he expected to be when his best friend, soul-mate, and golden ticket had left him?
Dedication: To one of my closest friends who doesn't have an LJ, Jaimee. Happy Valentines Day, love!
Notes: This is my first Bandom fic, and I'm a bit unsure of the posting process, but here it is!

He had loved him, he really had.Collapse )



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